Server Rules

Minecraft server rules.

By connecting to or pinging our Minecraft server, you automatically accept these rules, TOS, and Privacy Policy.

Here are the shortened rules for our Minecraft server (request in Discord):

  1. The regulations outlined herein diverge from those governing our Discord server.
  2. Disrupting the enjoyment of other participants constitutes a punishable transgression.
  3. Threats, whether explicit or implied, are strictly prohibited. Fostering a congenial atmosphere is imperative for the cohesion of our server community.
  4. Actively engaging in sabotage is proscribed. Varied degrees of sabotage elicit commensurate disciplinary measures. Should an instance of sabotage occur within a designated area, the proprietor of said locale is enjoined to promptly notify the administrative personnel.
  5. Player versus player (PVP) interactions are permissible provided they remain consonant with all other stipulations delineated herein.
  6. The administrative staff retains full authority to modify your status, as well as pertinent town and user data, in instances where such action is deemed requisite.
  7. Instances of illegitimate wealth accumulation, unless of a significant magnitude and designated as a matter for staff intervention, shall not warrant punitive measures. Efforts shall be undertaken, where feasible, to restore a substantial portion of misappropriated funds.
  8. Exploiting lapses in the internal mechanics of the server consequent to staff error is proscribed. Any infractions pertaining to financial matters shall be subject to the regulations outlined under the provision #6.
  9. Engaging in cheating via third-party software clients is deemed a transgression meriting punitive action.
  10. Accounts demonstrably linked through shared IP addresses or confirmed as under common ownership shall be subject to identical disciplinary measures. We understand that sometimes multiple accounts may share an IP address due to reasons beyond your control, such as family members or roommates. We try not to penalize you for the actions of others in your household. If you believe you have been unfairly penalized due to shared IP addresses or common ownership, please follow the instructions on reporting issues for further assistance. Moreover, actions qualifying as punishable offenses may be aggregated and attributed to a single account, as determined by the discretion of the administrative staff.
  11. Please refrain from promoting external servers, communities, or products within the Minecraft server, including but not limited to Discord servers, websites, or third-party services. Any efforts to advertise will lead to disciplinary action as determined by the administrative staff.
  12. All operational directives must adhere to the terms delineated within the Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA) and the prescribed Usage Guidelines as specified on the official Minecraft website.

Staff Guidelines

  1. Staff members are obligated to maintain a consistently professional demeanor in all interactions and conduct within the community.
  2. Staff members are mandated to strictly adhere to the identical rules and regulations as those applied to regular players, without exception or privilege.
  3. The decision-making prerogatives of staff members must remain uninfluenced by personal sentiment, subjective inclinations, or any factors external to the established guidelines and policies.
  4. Staff members are entrusted with upholding the integrity and fairness of the community at all times, and are expected to exercise sound judgment and discretion in all matters concerning their roles and responsibilities.
  5. Staff members must prioritize transparency and accountability in their actions, ensuring that all decisions and interventions are clearly communicated and justified, when necessary, to the community stakeholders.
  6. Staff members are expected to continuously engage in self-improvement and professional development, seeking to enhance their skills, knowledge, and understanding of community dynamics and best practices in moderation and administration.
  7. Staff members are required to maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive information and internal deliberations, safeguarding the privacy and trust of community members and colleagues alike.

Reporting Issues and Bugs

Reporting bugs to our team allows us to fix and improve the gameplay experience around the network. Please include as much information and detail as possible when reporting bugs so that our team is able to understand and resolve the issue.

To submit a bug report, please follow these steps:

  1. Join our Discord server at here.
  2. Navigate to the #ticket channel.
  3. Press the "Create Ticket" button.


The administrative staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the player to remain informed of any changes or updates to the rules.


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