AnimVanish 1.1.0 Release

AnimVanish 1.1.0 Release

After 2 years, the plugin will finally have a new version.

What's new?

  • Added an API. You can use the API to create new effects.
  • Spigot Support


  • Plugin is now 1.19.4-latest. (1.20.4)
  • AnimVanish now uses an improved command system.
  • Various new configuration settings
  • A lot of new internal changes (and I mean a lot)
  • Fixed a GUI glitch
  • Moved to a GUI library for easier GUI management
  • Fixed annotations written as "annonation"

Full Changelog:

Haven't tried AnimVanish yet?

Elevate your vanishing to new heights with AnimVanish! O ur plugin makes your vanishing look great with a large library of pre-made effects for vanishing. You can use AnimVanish to vanish in front of your server community while making it look fantastic.

API isn't inside any repository yet. You can use the jar file for it. Also tutorial isn't written yet.


The plugin implements an API which you can use to create new effects with addons. The detailed instructions will be written in the future.

Download the plugin here: AnimVanish


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